Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I want to request additional funds from my Line?

Log into your "My Account" using your user name and password. Click on Manage Button and click on "Request additional funds to be wired to your account". Fill out information. We will confirm receipt of your request via email. We will also send an additional email to let you know when funds have been wired along with confirmation #. Our hours are M-F (except banking holidays) 9am-5pm. We can wires funds up to 5:30pm as long as we confirm receipt of your request. If your wire is an emergency and you are running close to 5pm, please submit request online but also call 862-207-4344 x15

Where do I find how much my balance is to payoff my line and to schedule a payoff?

Log into your "My Account" using your user name and password. Click on Manage Button. You will see your balance next to Payoff and it will show the date the balance was calculated. If you would like to schedule a payoff of your line click on "Request to payoff your full balance based on payoff field above" and fill in information. We will confirm your request via email. Remember that we do not accept partial payments.

Can I contact your office for a line request or payoff instead of using this portal?

Yes, you can send an email to or call 862-207-4118 x15. If requesting a draw, please tell us if you want the funds today or the next business day.

If I have used all of my line and need to request additional funds, can I ask for an increase?

Yes, contact our offices at 862-207-4118 x11 or x15 or send an email to and we will review your account. We will probably ask for updated bank statements and an income statement.

Who do I contact if I am going to have a problem making my line minimum payment on the scheduled date?

On a case by case basis we may allow a one time delay in a payment. Please send an email to or call 862-207-4118 x11. Certain charges will apply. Please refer to your contract.

How do I get an end of the year fees charged statement for my taxes?

Send an email to or call 862-207-4118 x 15.

Where do I get copy of my Financing Solutions terms and conditions contract I signed?

Email or call 862-207-4118 x15.